Tom’s Military Advantage Program While an officer and pilot in the U.S. Navy, the government was insistent that Tom and his family attain a Ph.D in moving. As a result, Tom has a pretty good idea of what it takes to move a family across the globe. Tom has lived in San Diego for nearly 25 years and besides having intimate, first-hand knowledge of the military and moving, he knows San Diego. Need assistance with spouse employment information? Temporary living assistance? Or, how about info on: commuting distance, quality of schools, property appreciation, community services, churches, shopping, recreation and cultural activities, child care, elder care, house prices, mortgage options, and many other considerations? Well, you have enough stress and only a limited amount of time to move, plus now you need to pack your goods, learn about a new city and on top of that, find a new home. Why don’t you let Tom share his knowledge and experience with you. Okay, so Tom knows about moving in the military and he knows San Diego. But does he know real estate? Tom is one of a few select agents nationwide who has attained the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation. This is only awarded to real estate professionals who possess extensive experience and training in specifically representing buyers. He only works for you… not the seller. Additionally, he is a licensed Real Estate “Broker” which requires a significant amount of additional experience and education beyond “agent” status. He likes to think that this, together with his MBA, benefits his clients in the areas of client counseling, finance and negotiation. For a limited time, save up to $5,500 when you purchase a home or land in San Diego County using Tom’s Military Advantage Program. Here’s how you can save yourself some VERY serious money! Summary When you use Tom to represent you in the purchase of your home or investment property, you save up to $2,000 as a credit from Tom upon closing. Add another $1,000 when Ron Wright, First Nations Finance Co., or Ken & Karen Bates (Military Home Loans) provide your financing. Further, Tom will also commit to reducing his commission upon the future sale of your home by up to another $2,500 upon the sale. That’s a whopping $5,500!

Purchase Price

Credit from Tom Mattix

Credit from Mortgage Brokers

Total Credit

$250K – $499K




$500K – $749K








(*) Add to these totals, savings on the future sale of your home of up to $2,500 which brings the potential future savings up to $5,500. Program Requirements and Details
    • § Program is exclusively for active military buyers only.
    • § Buyer must mention this offer during initial meeting with Tom or team member.
    • § Must utilize Ron Wright, First Nations Finance Company or Military Home Loans, Inc. to qualify for financing credit. Those choosing to use a different lender will still qualify for a credit from Tom.
    • § Property must close escrow and all credits will be provided upon closing.
    • § Credit upon the sale of your property is determined as follows: Tom will reduce the normal commission rate of 6% (3% each to both agents) to 5.5% wherein he will provide a full 3% to the agent representing the buyer but will reduce his own commission to 2.5%. Thus, the client saves .5% of the selling price, up to another $2,500!

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