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What to Expect When You Are A Tom Mattix Client

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My goal is to achieve the following:

In order to accomplish the above three goals, I feel that communication is the key to a satisfactory business relationship. Therefore, I like to communicate with my clients to ensure that they receive the VERY best service possible. Thus, I find it helps to provide them with an overview of what they should expect while their home is on the market. If they have concerns about anything contained herein, they are invited please call me immediately. Nothing is carved in stone and we will work very diligently with them to make sure they are "WOW´ed" with the service they are about to receive. The following is an excerpt from Tom´s letter to his seller clients:

Dear Client,

The First Days And Weeks

Your home will be entered into the regional MLS within 24 hours after it has been listed. This means that the information on your home will be immediately available to all agents who subscribe to the San Diego MLS. If an agent is actively searching for a listing with those features which your home possesses then it is quite possible that your home will be shown within the next few days. However, sometimes, depending on market conditions and the number of folks who are looking for a home just like yours, things could move a bit more slowly. So, if you become initially concerned, please call me. I will continually keep you apprised, but you should know that I am always available for your call.


Within a short time after the listing is complete, you should expect to see the sign go in. Beforehand though, if you have a preference for its location, please advise me. Thereafter, you will notice that flyers have been placed on the signpost and inside the property. Please call me should you have any suggestions for changes or corrections. Please call me several days in advance of when you believe you will run out of flyers.

Showing Appointments & Avoiding "NO Shows"

When an agent calls to make an appointment, they will generally provide their name, company, phone # and the expected time to visit. If you speak with them, please ask them to repeat their name and to repeat the company and write down the answers. Hopefully, since the agent knows you have their identifying data, they will feel more committed to keeping the appointment. Or, they will at least have the courtesy to call you should they need to cancel or modify the time.

Being On Time For Appointments And No Shows

It is important to understand why agents sometimes do not arrive as planned. Oftentimes, their client is late for their meeting, stay longer at a previous home, the buyer may change direction mid-stream regarding what he/she is looking for, etc. Obviously, they will have no way to control this and will not always be able to call you at that moment to cancel their appointment with you. If you do wind up with a large number of "no shows´, please let me know so I can try and determine the reasons.

Arriving On Short Notice Or Without Calling Ahead

Unfortunately, having your home on the market means there will be a lot of agents who may not call ahead and merely stop and ask you if they can show your home while they are driving through your neighborhood with a client. If at all possible, please allow them to come through... just ask the agent to "give you a few moments to tidy up". A little clutter or preparation for a meal will not necessarily prevent your home from selling. Take 5 minutes to turn on the lights, turn off the TV, put on the music and put away something that could be distracting. Tell the agent that they are welcome to walk around the outside of the home while you are getting ready. While it is generally better for the seller to NOT be in the home during showings, it is not absolutely necessary that you be gone for every one. If you are going to be home, when the agent arrives, take a walk outside or if the weather will not permit, gravitate to one corner of the home out of "earshot" of the buyer so that they feel comfortable speaking with their agent. It is important that you NOT "shadow" the agent and buyer. It is also important for you to be cautious in speaking with the buyer... the one thing that you feel is important to point out may be the very thing which is not keen about. Casual comments that you feel are harmless could possibly cause the prospect to eliminate your home. Last, make sure that you ask the agent for their business card and please note the time and day he/she visited on the back of the card. Periodically call me with this info as I do follow-up all showings and will provide pertinent feedback to you.

Help Me Market Your Home

Just like any other showroom, your home needs to appear in "perfect" condition EVERY DAY. This is difficult and I understand, especially when you have children. But, a home remaining unsold on the market is much more trouble than keeping it tidy. Also, remember, if buyers are not drawn to the image created by the front of your home, they will never see the inside. Fresh paint, colorful flowers in the front, no toys strewn across the yard...all of these factors and more communicate an "I care" impression to buyers. Now is the time to keep the yard trimmed and green. Setting the stage and mood really do help a house to sell. On the inside, keep the lights and music on, and simmer some potpourri/cinnamon or bake some cookies. Pets and children can be distracting and cause a house to be eliminated so, if weather permits, please have them outside. Before I forget, I want to strongly advise you to put away, out of sight, all valuables. We do not need to unnecessarily tempt anyone...


If you will please review in the front of this binder "A Marketing Strategy That Works" and the "Sample Marketing Plan" also included herein, you will see that I will be marketing your home in many and different ways in order to give your home maximum domestic and international exposure.

How Often Will I Personally Show Your Home

Many homeowners use this as a barometer to judge whether an agent is doing a good job or not. However, please understand that buyers come from several sources, most usually from: the sign, other advertising, referrals, and an agent. Many times, people who call off a sign are not in the proper price range. When I receive a call from an ad, it may not be the right location or they may have neighborhood requirements your home does not have which prevents a showing. I personally sell a lot of real estate and a large percentage of my own listings myself, but it is quite conceivable that I could through the entire listing without having the right buyer for your home. After all, there are approximately 5,000 agents throughout all of San Diego County. The bottom line is that I may not be the agent who represents the buyer, but I will be one of the reasons that it sells.

About Service And Your Questions

I am continuously available to assure you the BEST possible service And I GUARANTEE that should you become dissatisfied for any reason and wish to cancel the listing, you may do so unilaterally. Quite honestly, this has never happened and I am absolutely confident that you will be "WOW´ed" by what I am about to accomplish for you. But, the guarantee is there for you just in case...I should also note that I always return calls within 12 hours and E-Mail messages within 18 hours...although you will usually hear from me within an hour or two unless I am out showing property. If you need me immediately, please call my cel phone for the quickest response.

Once again, the purpose of this letter is to assist you in becoming familiar with what to expect while your home is on the market. I have been through this process many times myself (moved 23 times during my married life) and I know it can be difficult. By working together, we can overcome any and all challenges that may arise. Thanks and please call me if I can clarify anything which I have mentioned herein or address any concerns which you may still have.


Tom Mattix Broker Associate MBA, CRS, ABR, SRES Re/Max Coastal Properties Office: 858-490-4112 Cell: 619-818-6442

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