Competitive Pricing Benefits

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More Agent and Buyer Enthusiasm

Both agents and buyers show enhanced enthusiasm in a competitively priced home. Agents like to talk about and show such houses with interest.

Shown to Sell, Not Just to Compare

Prospects are shown competitively priced houses with the intention of buying, not merely to compare with the other realistically priced houses in the neighborhood. Many times, an overpriced listing gets a lot of early action only to help sell competitively priced homes.

Faster Sale

Experience shows that a competitively priced house will sell much faster than those which are overpriced. Competitively priced homes rarely end up in expired listings.

Ultimately Higher Price

Generally, the higher the initial price, the lower the actual sales price. Statistically, a house that sells in the first 30 days will bring the highest sales price and that amount will decrease as time passes.

Seller's Ability to Purchase Another Home

Over 8 out of 10 repeat home buyers sold their current home before purchasing another. This shows the importance of competitive pricing for moving the house within a reasonable time to enable the seller to purchase another home.

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