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What does Tom know?

As a retired Naval officer, Tom offers a special program for military sellers in San Diego County. When selling your home, save up to $2,500 as a cash credit/rebate from Tom upon closing. Keep reading to find out more! What does Tom know? You've got your PCS orders, and you're a homeowner. Now, in addition to needing to pack your belongings, pick up your life and move some place new, you have to do something with your house or condo. Do you sell it? Do you keep it as an investment property? Well, Tom has been there, too. During his Navy career, the government was insistent that his family and he attain a Ph.D. in moving... 20 times! More settled now, he's a licensed real estate broker serving San Diego County. He'll use his experience to advise you regarding the best course of action, and if you choose to sell your home, you won't find a better person for the job. Let him help take the stress out of moving to a new station. Call Tom today! In addition to expertise & experience, what can Tom offer me? For a limited time, when you use Tom to represent you in the sale of your home or investment property, you save up to $2,500 as a credit from Tom upon closing, using Tom's Military Advantage Program. Additionally, if you use Tom for the purchase of your next home, you can also save big! See the table below for Tom's home selling cash credits/rebates. Sale Only  
Sale Price Credit/Rebate from Tom Mattix
Up to $249K $750
$250K - $499K $1,500
$500K to $749K $2,000
Over $750K $2,500
  Sale Plus Buy To see how you can save up to an additional $3,000 upon your next purchase, visit my page on the Military Advantage Program for home buyers. Total savings? Up to $5500!

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