A Marketing Strategy That Works

A Home Sellers Marketing Strategy That Works

Pacific Beach Real Estate, Mission Beach Real Estate, San Diego County Real Estate

As a full time RE/MAX Broker in San Diego Real Estate, I commit to you my personal time, talent, experience and money to "Get the Job Done." Do you want someone who will sell your property fast, at the maximum possible sale price and without any hassle to you? Here's how I will fulfill my commitment to you. Note: Those items highlighted in red below are unique and set me apart from the typical Realtor.
  • PRE-INSPECTION: I will have your home inspected by licensed inspector and licensed property inspector and licensed termite by a licensed termite/pest inspector to reduce surprises risk of any surprises when negotiating with a buyer & to make your transaction smoother. I will pay for these inspections as part of my service to you.
  • STAGING: I will honestly apprise you regarding changes and/or improvements that should be made to improve the marketability of your property and get it ready for sale. This will also include preparation for open houses.
  • PRICING: I will assist you with pricing your home based on a competitive market analysis. This will help you set the best price so that it will sell within your time frame.
  • AGENTS: I will market your home to 12,000+ other agents through use of the multiple listing service. I will deliver a copy of the listing to you.
  • HOTLINE: I will employ a dedicated toll-free 24 hour hotline where buyers may hear my recording which describes the special features of your home. Also, I am automatically and immediately paged after each call with the buyer's phone number. This enables me to speak directly with many potential buyers.
  • INTERNET: I will feature your property on over 50 websites, including: Realtor.com, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Netscape, Excite, NetZero, Juno, Compuserve, Moving.com, Craigslist, HomeSeekers.com, SignOnSanDiego.com, Re/Max.com, WSJ.com, eSearchHomes.com, LiveDeal, my personal website - TomMattix.com - and numerous others. Take a look at my "Second to None" National Marketing and Advertising page...
  • OTHER ADVERTISING: I will add additional exposure through a professional sign, lockbox, and color flyers left at the property & placed on the signpost. If appropriate & with your concurrence, I may conduct open houses. I will also mail approximately 500 "Just Listed postcards" to your neighbors and those living in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • VIRTUAL TOUR PHOTOGRAPHY: If appropriate, I may also include virtual tour photography which incorporates a successful blend of imagery and sound production that brings your home to life via a high-resolution full screen movie production and set to a musical score that appeals to prospective buyer's auditory and visual senses. Additionally, your home will have it's own web address (e.g., www.123MainStreet.com which will be advertise the home & virtual tour via signage attached to my For Sale sign.
  • AVAILABILITY: I will include my cell phone # in all promotional material so that I can personally ensure that the individual who is most familiar with your home (me) speaks directly with all possible agents/buyers.
  • COMMUNICATION: I will communicate with you on a frequent, regular basis, including results of showings and buyer comments. I will also provide timely updates to you about any changes in market conditions.
  • FEEDBACK: I will employ a unique on-line system whereby you will receive direct, unfiltered feedback from each agent who shows your home.
  • PRE-QUALIFICATION/APPROVAL: I will require that agents submitting offers to purchase your home submit with the offer either a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter from a lender to ensure that you are not negotiating with prospective buyers who are not financially qualified to purchase your home.
  • REPRESENTATION: I will represent you during the presentation of all offers/contracts to ensure that you not only completely understand the terms, but that you receive the highest possible price. I will also negotiate all buyer repair requests.
  • TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT: My transaction manager will manage the paperwork details of your transaction to ensure that your sale closes on time and you can move on time.
  • DISCLOSURE REVIEW: I will review with you for your understanding all title reports, disclosure requirements and closing/financial statements.
  • QUARTERBACK: I will be your "Point Person" by solving problems and handling follow-up requests with all parties right through closing.
  • POST-CLOSING FOLLOW-UP: I will contact you periodically after you are settled to ensure your complete satisfaction. You will also receive post-closing, a CD which will contain all of your important transaction documents.
  • MULTI-FAMILY PROPERTIES (i.e. apartments): Employment of specialized software which demonstrates critical financial aspects of the property to potential purchasers (i.e., cash flow before and after taxes, depreciation, etc.). Also, your property will additionally be listed on-line with two property listing services which specialize in and only list multi-family properties: LoopNet and MLS Investments.

"Second to None" National Internet Marketing & Advertising

Utilizing the latest online marketing and advertising technologies for your listings gives your property the cutting edge advantage in the currrent market.

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