Listing Guarantee

The Tom Mattix Unconditional Listing Guarantee Print Out Your Own Certificate! (Adobe PDF Required) A Different Way of Doing Business in San Diego Real Estate While many San Diego real estate agents charge the same fee - even if you find a buyer yourself - I prefer to use a more customer-friendly approach. When you list your property with me, you pay:
The Conditions How Much You Pay My Guarantee
If YOU find the buyer... You don't have to pay anything. Just call me and tell me. If for any reason I do not provide 100% satisfactory service in the listing, marketing and sale of your San Diego real estate transaction, just let me know and I promise to remedy the situation within 24 hours.If you are still not satisfied, I will release you unconditionally from the listing agreement with no further obligation.* I guarantee it!
If you find the buyer & no other agent is involved... You pay 1%. I'll write the contract and guide the transaction through escrow for you.
If I find the buyer and write the contract... You pay 4%
If another agent represents the buyer... You pay 6% - I receive 3% and the buyer's agent receives 3%
My listing guarantee offers you greater flexibility than standard listing agreements. Frequently Asked Questions Does this mean that if I sell my house by myself, even while it is listed with you, I don't have to pay you a commission? That's absolutely right! Of course, this doesn't apply if the buyer is exposed to the listing by myself or by another agent while the property is listed with me. Can I cancel the listing at any time? All you have to do is call me up and say, "Tom, I'm not happy." I'll remedy the situation within 24 hours, and if you're still not satisfied, I'll release you unconditionally from the agreement with no further obligation*. Do I have to pay any fees in advance? Absolutely not! You will only pay if I bring you an offer that is acceptable to you. Will I be pressured by buyer's agents to accept an offer I'm not comfortable with? Absolutely not! All offers are sent to my office, at which time I will call you and present them to you. This allows you to make your decision privately, without pressure. So what's the catch? Well, to be honest, there is no catch! I make it my goal to provide a superior quality service so that you will remember me the next time you, a member of your family or one of your friends needs the services of a San Diego real estate professional. *Seller's ability to cancel may only be exercised prior to the receipt of or notification of an impending offer(s).

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