Selling Quickly

Need to Sell Quickly?

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Selling your home? How soon will it sell? Twelve days? Ninety-five days? Two hundred eighty days? What factors can influence the time it takes to produce a serious buyer? Ask your real estate agent for the average sale time in your neighborhood. This can be determined by averaging the actual number of days required to sell other homes in the same area over a set period of time, say the last six months. Let's say that average is ninety-eight days. What can be done to speed up the time it takes to attract a buyer? Simply improve any one of the following three items: 1) price, 2) terms, and 3) condition. Your home must be priced fairly to attract buyers. If your home is being shown, but no offers are received, take a second look at price. Ask your representative to do an updated market analysis. Never forget that buyers comparison shop. Terms are another factor which may be adjusted to attract buyers. If your home is priced fairly at "market value", consider offering seller financing at a lower than market interest rate. Flexible terms may attract an entirely new group of buyers. Conditions alone can sometimes prompt fast buying decisions from impressionable purchasers. Consider upgrading your home by making major repairs and cosmetic improvements before selling. A home that sparkles with pride of ownership can trigger emotions resulting in an instant sale.

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